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rachellehenkePosted - 7 October 2010 14:50  Show Profile
i also need help on my asvab test. I scored a 25 and i need a 35 to join the navy. Please someone help me. I want this so badly. I have been studying the McGraw-Hill's asvab test book and i really think it is not helping me at all. I go next week to take a practice test and in 3 weeks a take the real deal test again. I really need this, my parents have given up on me, so i need someone to encourage me and to help me please!!!
CurranD Posted - 7 October 2010 14:57  Show Profile
I have quite a collection on ASVAB study pdf files and websites, and I have a yourteacher.com username and password if you need help in your math, shoot me an email and I'll send them your way :)</P><P>fire-phoenix95@hotmail.com
rachellehenke Posted - 8 October 2010 10:42  Show Profile
i need help with arithmetic reasoning, auto shop, and word knowledge. I have a hard time with words that i do not know already and memorizing them.
TheCupofJoe7 Posted - 8 October 2010 19:11  Show Profile
I also have been helping Curran with his Math and Arithmetic Reasoning, and to be quite honest, he has improved a lot from his first time we studied. If you'd like we can study via Skype like I've been doing with Curran. I scored very high on the ASVAB, so I do have an idea what you'll see on the actual test, but I have to score an all-round composite score to qualify for my choice of career. Also, I'm enlisting in the Navy and the minimum score to enlist is not a 35. It's actually a 50 due to high amounts of recruits, and not to mention you have to score an &quot;all-round composite score&quot; to be able to qualify for &quot;good jobs&quot;. Otherwise, you'll be stuck with the grunt work and that's something you don't want. So if in fact you want to enlist, you're going to have to compete in a sense. Don't let your past scores affect your attitude towards the actual test and your actual capabilities. Otherwise your quiting to easily on yourself. &quot;You&quot; should be the only encouragement you need. I wish you the only the best in the next couple of weeks. But if you do need help, you can email me at joeboe5@yahoo.com</P><P>-Joe
rachellehenke Posted - 11 October 2010 13:7  Show Profile
I do not have Skype. So i have no clue how I can receive your help, but I will email sometime today.
Jackthesailor Posted - 11 October 2010 18:3  Show Profile
I also need help. im enlisting USN as well, i really need help on arithmatic reasoning. Im takeing the EST test at the recuiter to qual for the real test in a few short weeks
TheCupofJoe7 Posted - 12 October 2010 3:13  Show Profile
So here's the thing, if you need the help, I am more than happy to help a fellow sailor, or any person who hopes to enlist. Like I've said before, if you really want this you have to give it your absolute best. Enlisting isn't the problem it's qualifying for the better jobs in military. So before you do take the test, make sure you have an eye on a career field, and that you actually feel comfortable and ready to take the test head on. Skype would be best for me, but if you feel via email is easier than by all means feel free to email me and well set up a schedule which works best for both parties. I can help you feel more comfortable taking the test, you just have to be up for studying. <BR>-That goes to anyone.

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