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Militaryismylife30Posted - 28 September 2010 5:54  Show Profile
So I was wondering is their really a list of Vocabulary you can study from that will help you pass the word Knowledge part cause I really need help I failed my asvab first time and got 22 =( and im taking my test in 2 months so plz help me everybody
CurranD Posted - 29 September 2010 16:43  Show Profile
http://www.phieulang.us/ASVAB/300asvabwords.pdf</P><P><BR>300 asvab vocab words buddy.
Militaryismylife30 Posted - 1 October 2010 3:43  Show Profile
thank you so much curran I really appreciate it but another question is these words that is going to be on the test ???</P><P>Oh ya if you need help in math you shud try to check out these sites its helping me step by step and bro I truelly know how you feel cause im in the same situation like you but heres the sites:</P><P>www.mathtv.com<BR>March2success.com<BR>www.yourteacher.com
CurranD Posted - 1 October 2010 3:54  Show Profile
You're welcome, and those words are supposedly on the ASVAB, I'm really not sure but learning some vocab is always good to improve your score. </P><P>http://www.myenlistment.com/asvab/ASVAB.swf</P><P>Theres an online 'CD' for you to use, I generally use it for practice tests and stuff, it can be very helpful depending on the person, hopefully it helps you. And thank you for the websites, I know of march2success, and I haven't tried yourteacher.com yet, though I downloaded a bunch of pdf files like &quot;basic math and algebra for dummies&quot; along with a few other asvab books in pdf format, if you'd like to know how to get the pdf formats of the books feel free to reply</P><P>Regards
ryan04 Posted - 21 October 2010 11:4  Show Profile
I need help with my vocabulary
gmata2101 Posted - 8 February 2011 20:33  Show Profile
Im highly interested. im taking the test for the marines.

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