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Jakkia92Posted - 2 September 2010 0:36  Show Profile
I decided that I should take a practice test just to see how well I would do and I got 62.16 out of 100 I heard the better score you get the more jobs you qualify for as well is that true.?
uchrisbrown Posted - 5 September 2010 23:21  Show Profile
I believe this is true the better your score the more you qualify with the score you have to the particular job you want. Your score determines if you can get the job you want. So it is best that you score as high as you can. I have some excellent sources below that can be helpful to you in increasing your score. Email me at brownchriswayne@yahoo.com and I will email what I have. In the subject area of the email write (test sources). I have also listed some excellent sources below that can help you concerning self improvement in different areas of your life. By improving in different areas, you have better success in different jobs,tests, ect. The sources are below.</P><P>free newsletter with valuable information on various topics:</P><P>http://tinyurl.com/27qmgqf</P><P>additional valuable sources:</P><P>http://www.webanswers.com/jobs-careers/hiring-firing/what-are-the-best-job-sites-691073</P><P><BR>http://www.webanswers.com/education/special-education/what-books-we-have-to-refer-for-entrance-exams-81cda7</P><P>ttp://www.webanswers.com/education/teaching/do-you-think-that-the-personal-intelligences-are-as-important-as-linguistic-ec2d36</P><P><BR>

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