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vickyliPosted - 21 June 2010 20:46  Show Profile
I feel like I'll fail miserably. I dropped out my sophmore year, went back then dropped out again my junior year. Throughout my HS days, I always skipped class and never payed any mind when I did attend. It's coming around now to bite me in my ass. Well, my reason reason for posting is that I'm curious to how hard the GED actually is. I haven't studied at all due to no motivation. I feel down right stupid. I already know I'm going to fail math, It was never my strong suit.

How did you pass the GED?
How many times did you take it?
How did you prepare for it?

Please help me get motivated.

normfrankenberger Posted - 11 July 2010 22:12  Show Profile
look around for an adult education class in your area that offers GED. You might try the public school system, local community college or the public library. You need to find a good teacher or a tutor. It is not easy but definitely worth the effort.

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