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WMary18Posted - 24 October 2003 18:38  Show Profile
OMG...I have never taken the test before...I''m a bit nervous because I took a practice test and it was pretty low...I''m really nervous...ALL I want is a score to get me into the school that I want to go to...Maybe I should be thinking beyond that, but I want a good score and these test preps aren''t helping me much...eesh! either way...any suggestions for not freaking out on test day? Thanx:)
OlloTi Posted - 3 November 2003 9:24  Show Profile
Relax. Pray for recall of what you have studied. <BR>Have everything ready from the day before - ID Card, pencil for rough work etc. <BR>On the day - Don''t talk to anyone before going into the exam room. Take a few sweets into the exam with you to keep your energy up during the test.</P><P>Work on the first questions carefully because if you get them correct then your score and your confidence will improve. About 5 minutes before the end just guess the answers because I think you will be penalised if you don''t finish the test. The laws of probability suggest that you should get some of your guesses correct....</P><P>This is what I plan to do in my GMAT on Thursday...</P><P>
WMary18 Posted - 3 November 2003 9:31  Show Profile
Thanks bunches....I took the test two days ago and I feel really good about it...now, I''m just waiting on my scores...There isnt a penalty for not answering all of the questions, they actually encourage not answering the one''s that you don''t know, because that deducts points from ur score...I took my time and I think I did really well..And Yea, on the way to the center my mom and I prayed because I was a nervous wreck...so that helped, and I saw a friend of mine so I spoke to her for like 10 minutes and that was it...*sigh of relief* I''m just glad it''s over with....Thanx for the advice:-D what''s the GMAT?
engygamal Posted - 30 September 2005 10:34  Show Profile
am soo scared of that test its my first time to take it :( am realy afraid
Mdub Posted - 1 October 2005 22:17  Show Profile
Ya im taking it in a few days!!!!!!!!!!!!
sidhanth Posted - 7 October 2005 0:30  Show Profile
big day tomorrow.i feel as if i m the only one whose gonna be slaughtered.
Chae17 Posted - 7 October 2005 21:6  Show Profile
Look, don't worry!!!! I have taken the old SAT in January and the new SAT in June. So trust me when I tell you that as long as you relax you will do fine. I didn't even really get to finish my essay's conclusion and I still made a great score on my writing section. As for the rest of the test just relax and do the best you can do. Oh yeah and don't langer too long on a question that you can't fiqure out just answer as many questions as you can correctly in the time they give you to answer it.
LMatt7 Posted - 15 November 2006 9:8  Show Profile
So I'm still really confused on whether to just *fill in* (guess) the rest if your running out of time...or not to answer them...which one will help me more??
peanutbutterjelly Posted - 26 January 2007 19:48  Show Profile
OMG! I'm taking the SAT tomorrow and I'm not in highschool, i've been studying for 3 weeks now and i am so nervous. even though this doesn't count i want to make a good score like 500 at least. any advice?
peanutbutterjelly Posted - 26 January 2007 19:49  Show Profile
don't worry read the questions if your running out of time if you think you can get it right then work it out but if it takes you too long guess. on the one's you don't know GUESS it's the key to raising your score on the SAT

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