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itsladyePosted - 7 June 2010 10:14  Show Profile
I was wondering what are some ways I can stay Motivated while studying for my GED Test.. I always seem to get side tracked and my mind wonder off to other things around me and then I take a break from studying for a couple weeks.. I really want my GED I just need a way to stay Motivated...
normfrankenberger Posted - 11 July 2010 22:16  Show Profile
it is too hard to study from a book by yourself. you need a good teacher or tutor. or form a study group. it is more fun to study with other people. You can also check out videos from the library on subject and watch those. Also try You tube or Teacher tube for videos on different subjects.
monitrev Posted - 29 August 2010 20:39  Show Profile
Well just took an exam and it wasnt so bad but i need to study hard good luck to you all and take it seriously education matters in these rough crazy times.
alt69 Posted - 9 September 2010 14:19  Show Profile
i have alot of trouble staying focused on one thing for a long time how can i stay on track of one thing and not have my mind wonder<BR>
caleb94 Posted - 28 March 2012 12:21  Show Profile
i have the same trouble you have. i keep telling my self i cant do it. but i know i really can. to stay motavated i just think of my future and what i want to do. if you dont have this you cant do the things you want to do in life. without atlast a G.E.D so you cant do anything till you past this. just think of your feture.
sherik31 Posted - 7 April 2012 23:51  Show Profile
well dang me to but today i stayed strong and finished up spme of what istarted a few weeks ago and moved on to the next. I find that a nice quite atmoshier is really nice to be in. find a certain place in your house where you can read a book and not be botherd and choose that location as your study space. Min is my moms room I love being in here its so quiet and warm and peaceful in here! and whats else is helpful is to listen to yourself...you know??? type slow, dont let the out side in, any thing out side of your self is a disterbance!!!! so just listen to your self and take your time and watch your self advance in your test and the time you put in to your work.

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