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melaniAnne1218Posted - 19 October 2003 17:31  Show Profile
I need ways to study for the ACT''s !!!
bira2 Posted - 7 December 2003 20:25  Show Profile
hey i have a thing or 2</P><P>try working like problems for at least 1 hr a day. trust me it helps. </P><P>and take an act test every other week before your exam
08clewis Posted - 27 October 2005 9:48  Show Profile
okay thank you
08clewis Posted - 1 November 2005 12:51  Show Profile
hi write me ok bira2
Christina270 Posted - 14 March 2006 17:43  Show Profile
I suck at math. My question is how do I find a way to get help on those awful problems
SportyChic89 Posted - 31 March 2006 19:17  Show Profile
I really suck at english part. i really really need help. any suggestions?
shorty4439 Posted - 6 June 2006 11:59  Show Profile
Hey im gettin ready to take the act in less than a week ...and i need some tips on how to study....i mean i have a ACT test prep book ...but it still isnt clicking into my head lol..if anyone has any answers pllzzz reply
chscheerqt37 Posted - 7 June 2006 23:32  Show Profile
i am horrible at math. this is my second time taking the test and all my other subjects were 20+ but math was a 15. i take the test saturday. plz someone help me out i appreciate it.
bayarea831 Posted - 8 June 2006 18:18  Show Profile
Hey you ARE able to use a calculator on the ACT right? Man I sure hope so. Anyways I'm takin it on Saturday and I was wondering what people thought about it who had previously taken it. Was it difficult? What was the hardest section? And how was the essay? Thanks guys.
wootjen Posted - 12 July 2006 20:18  Show Profile
I'm almost 30 yrs old an way out of the loop of things. Does anyone know of any books I can get to help me for the Act test?
BallLover11 Posted - 22 November 2006 16:54  Show Profile
Hi! I am new at this and need advice. I mak all A's and B's in school and it seems like I am dumb when it comes to the ACT. I want to know how do I improve my scores and how to actually take the test?
lilheathen Posted - 26 November 2006 10:38  Show Profile
You need to study for it and get used to the test. If you can get As and Bs in school, it's just a matter of knowing the ACT.</P><P>I would strongly recommend getting the official ACT book along with Cracking the ACT from Princeton Review. The Cracking book has the best overall explanation of the test, and the official and PR tests are by far the best ones available. Give those a shot and see how you do.</P><P>There are no real tricks to the ACT, just a need to practice and work on your timing.
Geniusgirl2 Posted - 30 December 2006 12:18  Show Profile
I am a junior in high school and i plan to take ACT when is the perfect time to take it and how often should I practice for the test. Also I need some tips and strategies on how to stay focused on the test day.

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