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arseen33Posted - 24 March 2010 22:59  Show Profile
When my mom and I where having yet another debate about getting my GED today, she mentioned that she didn't want me to be a high school drop-out.
Would that be true? I would think if anything, a GED would equate to being a graduate.
BUT- I'm still learning.
So could anyone tell me if I'm purposely aiming to be a drop-out, or if I shouldn't let this get in the way of my plans for success in the future.
themexican22 Posted - 30 March 2010 9:0  Show Profile
no it doesnt mean your a drop out you just chose another way to go instead of high school
ghd1423 Posted - 3 April 2010 4:2  Show Profile
Well, I'm in the same boat you're in right now. I'm in home schooling right now and just am very eager to get out and start college as soon as possible. A GED is the equivalent to a diploma and I don't see a point in waiting to get a piece of paper stating I went to high school when I could just do those exams and start my life, you know? My mom thinks differently of course, so I don't know what I'll do. It just depends on your age really. After 18 you'll have to have a GED if you don't have a diploma, and if you're under 18 it just really depends if you'll feel comfortable having someone say "Oh, you didn't finish high school?" Or judging you somehow.
pushinit Posted - 24 June 2010 0:49  Show Profile
no I dont agree that it means highschool drop out. It can mean your taking the easy way but everyone has opinions!!!!
Zoeygirl18 Posted - 2 September 2010 21:40  Show Profile
No trust me i am a High school drop out the easy way out is not a GED it is high school trust me i been where you are high school is so simple your just do the work and you have people to help you and though a ged is sorta equal it's not it's better to have you HSD for jobs and all i have to work twice as hard just to get to where a hsd could put me so much faster. trust me stay in school this is no joke i'm serious if you have any question my email is ac21218@yahoo.com
uchrisbrown Posted - 5 September 2010 23:33  Show Profile
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