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sliznutPosted - 26 August 2003 2:14  Show Profile
i am preparing for my sat tests which i should of taken quite awhile ago but i goofed around to much. can anyone tell me how hard it is? my friends were the top 2 students in the class and that got about 1100. i am pretty smart and was thinking i could get higher. also i can help people in most subjects i am pretty smart. i dont know how i can help you though i wont be there on test day.
maggie0ming Posted - 29 August 2003 6:55  Show Profile
I do want to know how to perform better in the verbal section. My worst mark is only 300.
CAPCadet Posted - 4 September 2003 22:28  Show Profile
I''ve taken the SAT I twice, and I''ll be taking it again next month. Biggest two suggestions I have:</P><P>1. Plan on taking it more than once. First time you take it, don''t even have them send it to any colleges. They''ll get a record of all of your scores eventually, but chances are extremely high that your score will improve greatly the second time you take it. (I went from a 1020 to an 1120, no joke.) You want your first impression on the colleges of your choice to be GOOD.</P><P>2. Buy SAT prep products from The Princeton Review, and use ''em. They''ve got a book called &quot;Cracking the SAT,&quot; another one called &quot;10 Real SATs,&quot; and a computer program called &quot;Inside The SAT.&quot; These are three outstanding tools. If I had any money (saving for college, of course!), I would bet that if you got any of these products and really used them, your scores would increase greatly.</P><P>And no, I do not work for Princeton Review. I just give them the credit for my 100 point difference between my first SAT and my second SAT. Quite the before and after story, eh?</P><P>Good luck!!
earthchild Posted - 10 October 2003 17:9  Show Profile
I am junior in highschool, and was wondering When the best time to take the SAT is. Any suggestions?
Jinglez Posted - 4 October 2005 3:25  Show Profile
&quot;I am junior in highschool, and was wondering When the best time to take the SAT is.&quot;</P><P><BR>With the kind of error... your time is not now :)
Jinglez Posted - 4 October 2005 3:26  Show Profile
that*(rofl) kind
08clewis Posted - 1 November 2005 13:4  Show Profile
hi i need help sat work thanks.
jodieqq Posted - 29 December 2007 5:48  Show Profile
i really want to ask ---what's the full mark of SAt? Is't 2200?
newmomcs Posted - 24 January 2008 21:12  Show Profile
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