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aiir2010Posted - 3 February 2010 21:41  Show Profile
i took the real test at meps today and i got a 51..wich is upper mental..im goin to the navy and i needed to score a 35..whoop whoop..i go to meps nxt week!!!! it isnt tht hard tho but if u wanna go to the navy they have the objects section as well as the coding section!
jessmo Posted - 7 February 2010 9:52  Show Profile
congrats i am tryin to get in the navy as well i took the test and didnt so so hot i am going back this month. any tips u can give me for studying?
aiir2010 Posted - 10 February 2010 13:24  Show Profile
just study the AR and MK..the WK isnt much to study..either u knw it or u dont..the PC isnt too bad..jus read carefully nd understand wat ur reading..oh and RELAX..eat sum mints(they help stimulate ur brain)<BR>AND THANK YOU..!!!!!!!!!!!
aiir2010 Posted - 11 February 2010 19:58  Show Profile
yup they work lol plus since ur suckin on them or watever..u kinda calm down..well at least i did..jus relax and dont worry bout the time..they giv u plenty..jus do the ones u know and dnt even look at the time..nd the ones you dont..jus try to figure it out and if u cnt find the answer make an educated guess..make sure wen u guess on questions tht u guess the same letter evrytime..i read that it gives u a better chance of guessin the rite answer instead of guessin all over the place..also jus think positive..keep ur goal in mind..i had sumthin else to say but i jus blanked..lol..
sotogrande2007 Posted - 30 May 2010 3:24  Show Profile
Hey would they allow you to use calculator

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