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MontalvoM2Posted - 7 January 2010 12:2  Show Profile
well i took the asvab and i didnt pass i need help like crazy and anything help im going to go get the book hopefully that help im a str8 A student my recuiter knows that but when the test day comes i get so nervous make the test harder then it is and its stressing i dont know what to do anymore i really want to get into the military so bad but my score kills me ive tryed everything i can please help me anyone
jessmo Posted - 7 February 2010 10:9  Show Profile
hi there u can get a book called asvab for dumbies. all u have to do is read that and do the practice tests that come with it. it covers all the areas on the test and it is a good study guide .also it will help u not feel so nervious come test time
MontalvoM2 Posted - 10 February 2010 11:36  Show Profile
Thanks but i go the other one and its kinda more advanced but i know im not ready for the asvab but im hoping by the end of the month il be ready the time kills me

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