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skillfuljoePosted - 9 December 2009 23:8  Show Profile
It took me one week to figure this out.

The main ASVAB test consist of 9 sections.
General Science (GS)
Arithmetic Reasoning (AR)
Word Knowledge (WK)
Paragraph Comprehension (PC)
Mathematics Knowledge (MK)
Auto $ Shop info. (AS)
Mechanical Comprehension (MC)
Electronic Info. (EI)
Object Assembling (OA)

Here is how the computer scores you:
1. It gets your average.
Suppose your score in all subjects are;
60+56+54+61+65+75+80+77+89 =617
Average =617/9

2. It gets the average of your AR, WK, PC,
and MK. (It is called VE.)
56+54+61+65 =236
3. No of subjects divided by VE times 100.

4. Initial Score minus Final Score

Therefore, your ASVAB TEST score is 53.5
Which means you've PASSED.
Good Luck.

I am taking the ASVAB test on (Dec 30).
Please wish me luck.

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