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shaved93Posted - 20 November 2009 21:25  Show Profile
Can I have the words sent to my email..


And is this ALL the words I need to study?

shaved93 Posted - 21 November 2009 21:59  Show Profile
chrisZAEZYlei Posted - 24 November 2009 2:1  Show Profile
try to check out march2success.com go to high school prep you have to sign up and dis will also help with the test got dis site from my recruiter it really helps
shaved93 Posted - 25 November 2009 15:45  Show Profile
Thanks but there was a recruiter that was emailing the list of all the possible words on the asvab.
matrix2422 Posted - 26 November 2009 0:3  Show Profile
can you sent me the actual question in ASVAB?sent to my email </P><P>matrix_24_22@yahoo.com</P><P>thanks.</P><P>so i could pass to the ASVAB test
shaved93 Posted - 1 December 2009 20:41  Show Profile
Anyone have list?
jay03 Posted - 16 December 2009 9:59  Show Profile
Anyone in the in the Dallas,TX area that is planning on taking the asvab test, i could use a study/work out partner.

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