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ksc83Posted - 3 November 2009 21:39  Show Profile
I have my Praxis I exam that I have to pass this month and I am scheduled to take it on 11-6-09...yes this Thursday, all I have to pass is the Reading portion, any pointers or help would greatly be appreciated. PLEASE HELP!
brownchriswayne Posted - 7 June 2010 10:58  Show Profile
I have some excellent information and a few test sources that may help you increase your test scores tremendously. Email me at brownchriswayne@yahoo.com in the subject area of the email write, test sources. I will then email you what I have.
chandra528 Posted - 9 July 2010 11:15  Show Profile
I also have taken the Praxis. I lack 2 points on the reading and writing. I have sceduled to take it again Tuesday 7-13. I anyone has any advice PLEASE HELP!!
klaykatwoman Posted - 29 August 2010 0:11  Show Profile
I must take the praxis I test. After taking a practice test I can get my score in the form of a percentage but schools and certification personnel do not use this type of scoring system. Does anyone know how to convert the percentage score into the other scoring system to get for example a score of 172 ? Thank you.
Gale42 Posted - 27 October 2010 15:12  Show Profile
I am due to take my Praxis I reading and writing next month. Any tips. I'd be grateful.
2passgodwilling Posted - 26 September 2011 10:1  Show Profile
I am due to take my praxis in November Reading & Writing. Any pointers will should be grateful please!
pnutbutta Posted - 27 April 2012 13:59  Show Profile
Go to teacherspreptest.com for a free practice test for the Reading and Writing part of the Praxis I. Answer every question on the test bc you will be penalized for unanswered questions. Good Luck to all of you guys!
chenoam2003 Posted - 26 August 2012 19:15  Show Profile
brownchriswayne: I saw a post that you made a while ago ref. info you had to share about Praxis 1. I am taking all three this fri. and need as much info as possible (practice exams, study guides, etc...). Can you help. Can anyone help?
ajclark Posted - 1 August 2013 9:59  Show Profile
Good Morning, </P><P>I am due to take the Praxis 1 Exam here in Maryland to complete my Senior Yr. at my University. I need a 577 to pass and I have faith that I will do fine. I am due to take the exam Next Week Hopefully Monday or Tueday. Does any one have any pointers for taking this exam since this is my first time..Thank you so much

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