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colonelsanders71Posted - 2 November 2009 19:32  Show Profile
i scored a 95.5% on the ASVAB practice exam, how can i convert to an AFQT score?
Leftovercrack10 Posted - 7 December 2009 1:1  Show Profile
your AFQT score is only 4 of the 9 subtests....the military computers calculate your scores with a process...they add the score of your word knowlegde and paragraph comprehension into a percentile score..then using there own little way they turn that into a scaled score ranging from 20 to 62 which is known as ur verbal exspression score...they then double that score and add it to your arithmetic reasoning and mathematics knowledge score then they convert it back to a percentile score by comparing you to the thousands of people who took the test befor you...so if u get a 60% it basicly means u scored 60% better than the individuals they are comparing you to....soo sorry to say theres noway of knowing your score until they give it to you...I know it sucks i asked my recruiter the same thing...good luck..god bless
colonelsanders71 Posted - 7 December 2009 11:3  Show Profile
i appreciate it. i am currently working on getting ready for the PT portions before basic, i think i've got the ASVAB in the bag. god bless
skillfuljoe Posted - 9 December 2009 23:6  Show Profile
*AUTHENTIC INFORMATION*<BR>It took me one week to figure this out.</P><P>The main ASVAB test consist of 9 sections.<BR>General Science (GS)<BR>Arithmetic Reasoning (AR)<BR>Word Knowledge (WK)<BR>Paragraph Comprehension (PC)<BR>Mathematics Knowledge (MK)<BR>Auto $ Shop info. (AS)<BR>Mechanical Comprehension (MC)<BR>Electronic Info. (EI)<BR>Object Assembling (OA)</P><P>Here is how the computer scores you:<BR>1. It gets your average.<BR>Suppose your score in all subjects are;<BR> 60+56+54+61+65+75+80+77+89 =617<BR> Average =617/9<BR> =68.6</P><P>2. It gets the average of your AR, WK, PC,<BR> and MK. (It is called VE.)<BR> 56+54+61+65 =236<BR> VE=236/4<BR> VE=59<BR>3. No of subjects divided by VE times 100.<BR> =9/59*100<BR> =15%</P><P>4. Initial Score minus Final Score<BR> =68.6-15<BR> =53.5</P><P>Therefore, your ASVAB TEST score is 53.5<BR>Which means you've PASSED.<BR>Good Luck.</P><P>I am taking the ASVAB test on (Dec 30).<BR>Please wish me luck.
colonelsanders71 Posted - 11 December 2009 10:59  Show Profile
good luck. i recently tore my knee up, so i won't be taking ASVAB and PT until late spring. hopefully i'll see some of you this summer

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