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topchef87Posted - 23 October 2009 10:8  Show Profile
i took my ged and all i falled was my language parts i passed the essay with flying colors but the reading and writing multiple chose??? i have really big problems with so any advise on any of these following subjects would be awsome
*level of usage----wtf does that mean
*satire---wtf is that
*connotation---wtf im lost
*any type of document
*sentence structure
~correction of any kind

all your help is appreciated thank you very much

bpringle Posted - 6 November 2009 13:7  Show Profile
Well i can help but it seems that your only problem is defining and understanding thouse meaings, you can look them up and write down what they mean along with and example and study it that way, it may help.<BR>;D
topchef87 Posted - 6 November 2009 16:43  Show Profile
thanks any advise is always welcome

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