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sarahalyce20Posted - 30 September 2009 11:27  Show Profile
I hate math, im really bad at it. Ive studdied and i think its as good as it gets. Ive tested a 450 multiple times on the Pre-GED test. which is just average... Is the pre-ged scores pretty accurate to the real GED scores?
Im pretty sure the other 4 test i got around a 500. So what you all think. do you think its safe for me to take the math GED portion, and is the pre test similar to the real one?
shellym Posted - 1 October 2009 10:19  Show Profile
I think you should go and take the maths portion of the ged with a score of 450 on your practice test you can still try your hand at it, I took it twice my next time will be in December I passed every thing but maths I still intend to try again ,I attend classes in the morning where there are practice books on each part of the test, so if you like I can send you a math text book.
sarahalyce20 Posted - 1 October 2009 10:23  Show Profile
So, what did you get on your practice test for the ged? Is the real math test harder then the practice test? Is me geting 450 on the practice a coupe times pretty acurrett to the real test you think?
sarahalyce20 Posted - 1 October 2009 10:24  Show Profile
Oh an thanks for the reply! :)

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