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BlackRosse194Posted - 9 September 2009 17:8  Show Profile
I got a 62.11% on the Practice ACT.. what does that evaluate out to? Beacuse im majorly stressing out over this test. I need to get a 19 or higher on the actual act in order to get enrolled in college classes while in highschool.. can anyone help?
lmno211nigga Posted - 21 November 2009 14:43  Show Profile
sucking, thats 60%.... practically a D
crocjuly Posted - 5 October 2010 1:51  Show Profile
How did you do last year? Eventhough 62% seems bad, it is still better than 19 on the ACT is the perfect score is 36 and you were to get 62% of that (50% is 1/2 or 18) -- If you did about the same and if it was accurate practice you should have gotten around 22..
crocjuly Posted - 5 October 2010 1:55  Show Profile
I meant if (not is-haha) the perfect score were 36, which I believe it is.. Your post was for 2009 so you probably haven't been back on here anyway.. oh well, I'm sure you figured it out long ago:)

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