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shannonwheeler24Posted - 5 September 2009 18:0  Show Profile
Ok, So I have taken the asvab like 2 times already first time no study(23) which sucks 2nd time with a little study(35).. I've been studying this time for at least 3 months so hopefully I will make a 50 or higher.I'm trying to get into the navy doing on stuff like a ps,is,yn,and az which I dont think requires a really high score for those...Any advice on passing it for sure this time besides STUDYING???LOL
Jhey Posted - 7 September 2009 18:49  Show Profile
focus on your weaknesses. i took the asvab last week (cat asvab -computerized test) and i only got 46.75. i have to retake the test next month. i think i got a very very low score on the vocabulary part, thats why i failed the test. 4 important parts of the exam that you need to excel in order to pass the asvab are the ff. vocabulary, reading comprehension, arithmetic reasoning, and math knowledge. these 4 are the basis in calculating your afqt.
shannonwheeler24 Posted - 7 September 2009 19:35  Show Profile
Yes well I take it tomorrow so I hope everything goes well im taking the paper test this time I heard it was much easier.I guess it's just that i've been out of school since 03
shannonwheeler24 Posted - 8 September 2009 18:53  Show Profile
So I took the asvab today and got a 65 aqt or whatever that is so i guess i passed and im going into the navy!!!! yay for me!!!
Jhey Posted - 9 September 2009 17:5  Show Profile
Congrats to you dude.

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