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dubiousintentPosted - 28 August 2009 23:12  Show Profile
Hello all. I'm new to this site. I found the link to this site by doing a google search. I noticed that there are a lot of GED books out there to study from? Is it good to study the books or study online? Is this site helpful in the study guide areas for the test?
followillfever Posted - 30 August 2009 20:15  Show Profile
Same here. I got a McGraw Hill's Ged prep book from amazon for like $9.00 new or used, it's really helped me, someone who never stepped foot into a high school in my life. So although this site offeres the prep test, I would reconmend the book also.
juno850 Posted - 31 August 2009 8:48  Show Profile
She has a good point so try using the tests first and then go to the book and you will see a difference between the two and it will make things alot easier.

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