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kbhaskarPosted - 21 April 2003 3:31  Show Profile

I would like to give tips on cracking the GRE qunat section.Those that are interested can mail me at natarajans@globarena.com

t2jlovers Posted - 21 October 2005 16:25  Show Profile
Wildboy16 Posted - 25 January 2006 14:47  Show Profile
Teachers- hey, i am not a student but all i can say is be nicer. Students will respond if you use an approach that makes them want to learn. I learned best with an occasional pop or piece of candy combined with being asked to do something, not threatened and then told to do it. Let little stuff slide, it won't do anything more than piss them off if you try to be a hardass and send them to the principle for throwing a piece of paper. They are just wanting attention, so give it to them in a positive way, not a negative one! Good luck!
Jesica0217 Posted - 14 April 2007 17:58  Show Profile
I think alot of people can relate to teachers?? parents hello.. someone on here said dont give attention to bad behavoir and it will stop, if you make a big deal you are just feeding them what they want.. unless is something big, such as hurting someone.. most kids like teachers, at first.. but some teachers act like children because they have the athority to determine the child's life.. so as kids get older they end up rebeln or have no choice other than to drop out.. I am a teen mom of twins and I had them the summer before my Senior year(2007) I was moved in to regular english (not college prep) bc I was just going to a tech school and a teacher tryed to give me college prep work and I kept up with it.. and she got pissed.. it was kinda a class for the slow kids and she said I didnt need to be in there. but your supposed to beable to pick your classes!! anyways 3 months before graduation she went back and changed my grades to even 50s .. making it where I wouldnt pass for the year.. and the school said she could do that.. with out PROOF.. she claimed that I didnt have all my work done, yet I did more that everyone else. I asked again to show me my papers with the bad grades.. she still could not provide them.. there wasnt a reason that I stay she was determined to fail me.
huntermay Posted - 12 March 2008 20:15  Show Profile
lol, I'm a student a seinor to let you know. dont evr be judgeing us kids on what you faced you just set your life in way u can live it. we students wanna live our yuth before we become adults, i say this now I'm more likely to slap you in the face and get a better job if your bragging about &quot;you dont under stand&quot; thats completely rude of you I would then slap you again for haveing that attatude towards us... look and ubsevre, and listane to who needs what. i can tell your that kind that judge and think of to inferior to do shit. i'm probly 80% right, i dont konw you nor do i want to her you brag but I come from a military famile... henseing resosability is required... to live. I dont think like you! as in bragging. your dumb, ok i'm not saying I'm better then you we have an 20 years range between us probly. life is a bitch so poot up with it and smile. I lost alot of freinds over my years in high school. I'm from Crandon,Wi i doo know how you feel how. becouse of losses or disrespect's from your peer's or student's even from family member's. best way is to have a multi way of thinking, keep in myind people look for exscuses to avoid pain, or in this case more work as i said before on the other coment, have more hands on, learn about your students and see what makes them tick, then poot the threory of your's in to home work. like an exsample, math, best way to teach basic's of math is not on decks in a 16*14 room. it's calle dgo and do the promblems by working with your hands, like carpaners, do a projeck that involes with math, make a tool box, or make something, every thing you see is made by basic's of math. so shut up on your bragging bull crap were here to learn not to make an exsuse and dont give me th i all ready did it or dont tell me what to do. i didnt i gave advise as a student, we learn best by haveing an intress in it so absurve and learn. please comment me by email, if you want advise thinking i have some good ideals go head or advise. I',m 19 and i lost 3 class mates a cusen out of that three and two of them were in my grade, ow and think be fore you responds. look how agressve i'm poot my words in, dont think you would win a arguement with me, becouse your just looking for attion. the negatve, meaning you try piss me off I'm gonna find your ip no matter how god your internet sacurity is and then i'll send it all over the hacker's web site's. and thats a bad thing. just a thought before you enter a area your not aware of.</P><P>my email is robert_hunter_may@yahoo.com</P><P>ps. reminder dot try to come in an argue.<BR>you'll for surely regret it.

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