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robinlatPosted - 10 April 2003 8:54  Show Profile
Just wanted to post a couple thoughts while things are still fresh in my mind. Took the Clep Humanities yesterday.
Here''s what I''m glad I studied:
Greek mythology
Dante''s Divine Comedy
Artistic styles, (cubism,surrealism, etc.)
Music styles
Read alot of summaries of classical literature

There was more about architecture and I wish I''d spent a bit more time there. There were alot of NO BRAINER questions but I wouldn''t call this test easy.

This is the site that helped me the most:
(read the summaries of classic literature--free!)
The best book I came across was called" An Incomplete Education" by Judy Jones and William Wilson. I also used a CD rom encyclopedia to research anything that I didn''t understand or know when I took the practice exams. I studied from the Arco Clep Book and the College Board Book. The public library was a terrific source for videos on things like Paradise Lost, Divine Comedy, and such.

I hope this helps someone else. I have no idea my score--and I won''t know for 3 weeks--but I feel confident I did well.
Good luck!

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