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allirocks1990Posted - 26 June 2009 11:30  Show Profile
i go take my GED test july 11! im super nervous because i havent been to school since the first week of 8th grade. years ago. anyways, i am studying my butt of and i decided to take the practice test..and i got a score of 56.something%...if that is a failing number..im going to freak out. ughh. help. (so whats the passing score?!)
stephmccurley Posted - 8 July 2009 0:6  Show Profile
That is a failing grade. Keep studying you'll get it. all the prep tests grade on percent but the real GED is graded on a points scale. Im pretty sure its 200-800 i know the max is 800. They do not take points away for wrong answers. most schools are looking for a score of 450. good luck. i take mine in a month.
elamntry1love Posted - 10 August 2009 14:26  Show Profile
Any advice on what material I show study before taking the test?
Patricia911 Posted - 18 August 2009 8:39  Show Profile
I have no clue as to where to begin on the prtest for the Ged,I have been out of school for a very long time and I need some help getting my Ged.
mclark171 Posted - 28 August 2009 18:32  Show Profile
I just started taking my practice ged test..So far my scores have been,,,LA reading,,500,science,,510,social studies,,,490,and math 410.Have to do the writing part of LA yet but are these scores good so far or what??
followillfever Posted - 30 August 2009 20:9  Show Profile
I'm going to be taking the GED test this year(hopefully), I like this site and the pretests, but I would also suggest taking some classes at an adult ed center in your area, if there are any! Most of them offer ged prep classes. wish you all luck.
knowledqe Posted - 11 September 2009 0:15  Show Profile
Im wonderinq..are all ged`s the same?<BR>I took one a while back at job corp..but didnt finish all subjects..anteway..y arent this pretest ged scores like 200..240..?there like 56... for one subject..huh?<BR>did i...?..?fail?
yOkass Posted - 29 September 2009 4:21  Show Profile
i also had just finished only 8th grade and took GED to finish 12......m trying to do my best but at frist i didnot do well at all<BR>but now i got a good score but didnot do the exams yet<BR>my teacher siad v in pretest v must get atleast 70% all time then that is for SURE ! v will pass in exam</P><P>BEST OF LUCK TO ALL !!
bluepain Posted - 22 October 2009 18:24  Show Profile
I also had just finished only 8th grade and I trying to get my GED to I put it on hold for 2 years cause I had a child at a young age but all I can say is just study and don't give up no matter what I know I not I hope you get it best of luck have a bless life

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