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shellymPosted - 9 June 2009 9:46  Show Profile
I took the test in April with a overrall score of 2290, my maths was 400 how can I overcome this stumbling block which is the only thing keeping me from passing.
AnotherSchmoe Posted - 15 June 2009 1:19  Show Profile
Study. Make sure you read each question carefully and really focus and apply yourself. Use extra time to double-check your answers. If you are taking too long on one question skip over it and go on to the next, come back for it if you have extra time, try and spend less than one minute on each question.
EJohnson87 Posted - 17 June 2009 9:44  Show Profile
Im having the same problem although I have never taking the test. Im scared but theres no need in running from it if I want a better life. Math is my downfall so thats what Ive been tackeling. I hope I pass and I hope you pass when you take it again.
shalondabone1 Posted - 20 June 2009 23:17  Show Profile
i have passed everything except for math.it is surely keeping me from getting a good job.i have been at it studying since the year 2000.whats the problem? i dont know.i need help bad.i feel like i am such a flunk in math.my word of advice to any young child that is thinking about dropping out of school.dont!please stay in school and finish.accomplish all yours goals.i wish i did.but i am not going to give up.you should not either.<BR>
Metalchris Posted - 7 July 2009 19:37  Show Profile
im 30 yrs. Does this test take 8 weeks of pretesting to really pass?

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