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toughguy37Posted - 1 June 2009 14:47  Show Profile
Hey, I'm still in the process of joining the Navy. I had a specific question about the ASVAB. Does anyone know if say I get under a 35 (which is the requirement to past for Navy), does that mean I'm not in or does it mean I get a lower ranking job like being on the front line? I'm aiming for a 50 though. Can anyone who knows help me out here. Thanks. :-)
cpatterson Posted - 1 June 2009 21:36  Show Profile
if you have a high school diploma its a minium of 31 but if you have a ged you have to get a 50 or higher, but you wanna get a 50 or higher cause you get a better job choice
toughguy37 Posted - 1 June 2009 22:38  Show Profile
Ok then. Yeah, the recruiter told me to at least shoot for a 50. And I do have my associates degree too. I wasn't sure if I'd still be eligible for the Navy if say I got a score like a 30. But ok then, thanks. :-)
navygrl09 Posted - 2 June 2009 16:8  Show Profile
hey there - i'm in the process of joining the navy as well and actually just got finished with my recruiter a couple hours ago. it doesn't matter if you have your g.e.d. or not, the minimum required score for a guy on the asvab is a 35 (for girls it's a 50). it doesn't mean you're totally inelligible to join, it just means you have to wait 30 days before you can retake it. but you have to get at least a 35. but like the other guy said, the higher your score the more job opportuniites you'll have. i'm hopefully taking my test here in the next couple weeks. i reccommend stopping in at a barnes & nobles or even your local library and picking up an asvab study book. i got two different ones from my library and they helped me and my best friend immensely. she went from a 33 on her first practice test to a 56. good luck to you!
toughguy37 Posted - 2 June 2009 21:23  Show Profile
Oh wow. Ok then. It's a shocker that females have to get 50 and males just have to get 35. Or that's what I think you said. But yeah, I plan on going to the library tomorrow and getting some books for my test. I was suppose to take the test tomorrow, but my recruiter had to reschedule for next week instead so it only gives me more study time which is good. Thanks though. :-)
toughguy37 Posted - 23 June 2009 20:46  Show Profile
Ok, so I took my ASVAB a few weeks ago. I didn't get the score I wanted. I got a 43 but they said I was still in. Than a week after, I went to sign up for a job and out of all the jobs available, all there was were engineering jobs and I chose 'MM' (Mechanist Mate). I understand the job title but does anyone who is reading this have any experience in this field or know anyone in this field? :-)
tigist1 Posted - 5 July 2009 23:53  Show Profile
hello i want to enjoy but got scar to take the test because i do not even know what kind question its going to be on the test so does anyone can tell me that where i'm going to do or what kind practice do i have to do ? thank you
Qunnita Posted - 6 July 2009 14:54  Show Profile
Im gonna be a senior this school year and am planning on joining the national guard. What is the minimum that i can score on the asvab?
rbdmynavy Posted - 10 July 2009 11:48  Show Profile
when you say study what are where exactly am i suppose to study? are these questions the same ones that am going to get from the recruiter or their similar?
toughguy37 Posted - 10 July 2009 13:33  Show Profile
tigist1, Qunnita & rbdmynavy--Try going on military.com or try to google it. I can't remember off the top of my head. But if you guys are going study for the ASVAB, I'd strongly recommend you guys to study online and get an updated ASVAB book at your local library. Good luck. :-)
JoshuaJack88 Posted - 4 August 2009 17:23  Show Profile
it means that your in but i don't know that you'll qualified for a job cause I'm trying to get in the navy too
Opengod Posted - 16 September 2010 23:56  Show Profile
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