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ericbutler89Posted - 30 May 2009 9:45  Show Profile
I scored a 75.68. How do I convert that score to the asvab score. If I cant is that a good score?
navygrl09 Posted - 2 June 2009 16:12  Show Profile
hey - the test on here is impossible to convert into an actual asvab score. it doesn't contain all the parts - it's mising the paragraph comprehension section. your asvab score will be calculated on how well you do in the arithmetic knowledge, mathematical skills, paragraphy comprehension and word knowledge sections. if you're a male, you have to get a minimum score of 35 and if you're a female, a 50 - at least those are the reqs for the navy. the other sections are just subsections that open up different job opportunities based on how well you do on them. if you want to figure out a general gist of how you'll do on the actual asvab, i reccommend going to a barnes & nobles or even your local library and picking up an asvab study guide. i got a couple from my library and they've helped a ton. they even come with a cd-rom. my friend's been out of school for 4 years and only got a 33 on her first practice test, picked up the book and studied a few days, and then got a 56 on her next practice test. good luck to you!
derrick24 Posted - 23 June 2009 20:16  Show Profile
I took the short test on www.military.com and my score was a 87.5 <BR>AR=70%<BR>WK=40%*2=80%<BR>PC=70%*2=140%<BR>MK=60%<BR>I add all those and came up with raw score of 350...<BR>Then i divided by 4 and came up with my AGQT= 87.5<BR>Did i do this correct?
megonh Posted - 1 July 2009 20:3  Show Profile
navygrl....how do you like being in the navy? i got a 53% on my first practice test so im pretty excited to learn you need a 50 to pass but i will def. study and practice more before i take the asvab!
mikewp08 Posted - 6 July 2009 17:18  Show Profile
How do you come up with your AFQT score....???<BR>

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