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TinaMeridaPosted - 27 May 2009 17:18  Show Profile
I have just recently decided to go back for my Ged...I am so lost here..I tried taking this pre-test on here and failed..Does anyone have any tips??
AnotherSchmoe Posted - 4 June 2009 4:17  Show Profile
Search on Google for &quot;Free GED Practice&quot; and &quot;Free GED Prep&quot; etc. </P><P>If you don't mind shelling out a little cash you can buy some prep courses or take some classes. They might even have some books you can borrow from a library. Keep at it and don't give up! I'll be taking my test on the 16th. =)
AnotherSchmoe Posted - 4 June 2009 4:18  Show Profile
Also, if those don't help try searching for free 8th-10th grade math lessons online, English lessons / Language Arts etc.
tedbrown35 Posted - 8 June 2009 21:42  Show Profile
Where I am we have a place called Literacy Alliance and they have sites here in town that you can go to to get help. I have been going since Febuary and tonight they give me my voucher to go and take my test. These people are great and encouraging. I am on the border I can go either way But I know a man you can help me the lord. Please don't give up even though there are days where I think I will never getit. I just pray I pass I am going to be 48 this summer I have been out of school for 30 years

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