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jeanbaxterPosted - 12 May 2009 21:18  Show Profile
I'm 37yrs old still haven't gotten my GED I passed 2test Writting And Social Studies I failed the Reading, Science twice I haven't taking Math yet.Please give me some tips on understanding the Reading and Science part I must finish this year this is my Goal please give me some advice Good one
bossymandy Posted - 13 May 2009 14:32  Show Profile
im trying to get my ged too. heres some tips you can use tohelp you understand the reding and science.</P><P>1. read the questions first</P><P>this will help you know what you will need to be looking for in the passage when you do read it</P><P>2. dont worry about the fact that its a test </P><P>try and focus on this as if yo were studing out of your ged book and you wont get so stressed</P><P>3. with the science dont try and memerize everything.</P><P>its impossible to memerize it all<BR>
Jasonh04 Posted - 14 May 2009 9:47  Show Profile
Hello, 'm currently in a GED class now studying up on my math for the practice test. Going to a class is best because they give you packets that will assist you in understanding the material you need to understand. </P><P>One of the things that they do here is, they give you a test that is just like the practice test but you won't waste any of your 3 tries.</P><P>Also when typing something like an e-mail, business letter, or even a post on here, use complete sentences and proper english. By doing this you will get some practice with how to write the essay portion and you will start to understand the reading more. </P><P>Key note to remember though is to not use slang. If you are so use to using slang or texting you better get out of that habit real quick or your just gonna set your self up for failure. </P><P>Example: He dose not have it. (instead of) He ain't got it or He don't got it.
fatcake Posted - 20 May 2009 10:31  Show Profile
i haven't been in school so long and on the test they give you material that you haven't seen before and what really get me is the math i pass every thing else

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