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SmerfPosted - 7 May 2009 11:3  Show Profile
Your ASVB score here on this site isn't a true score that you will get on your ASVB. The test here leaves out Paragraph Comprehension 1 of the 4 top test that gives you your sore to join. the other 3 are Word Knowledge, Arithmetic Reasoning,Mathematics Knowledge. They are the 4 test that you will need to pass to get in. All the other test here you take are sub test and have no bareing on your score to joining. For the ARMY you need a 31, NAVY you need 35, MARINES you need 50 now, AIR FORCE you need 36, COAST GAURD you need 36 and NATIONAL GAURD you need a 50 NOW. The scores nere may have changed so check with your recruiter, ALSO try this site http://www.military.com/Recruiting/ASVAB?ESRC=recruiting.nl for a better ASVB Test and scoring to see what you need to work on to pass. Hope this helps everyone out . Let me know if this has help you Thanks.

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