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timmytinnyPosted - 7 May 2009 9:25  Show Profile
is you still alive and is it true my ex fingered michelle
kandgurl08 Posted - 8 May 2009 12:39  Show Profile
what?!?! no man not that i heard. so whatcha been up to??
timmytinny Posted - 11 May 2009 8:53  Show Profile
what the hell you talking about
timmytinny Posted - 11 May 2009 8:55  Show Profile
oh duh well i heard that and i was mad as hell you know i still got feelins for her but she stuck on being a playea i wrote her and was like shit if you ever feel like growing up and not playing games hit me up she aint done it so i guess she still wanna play games
kandgurl08 Posted - 11 May 2009 14:0  Show Profile
damn ma u know u can do much better then that anyway what the fuck happened the other day?!?! they locked everybody down why?
timmytinny Posted - 13 May 2009 14:21  Show Profile
girl they jumped ol girl and it was crazy as hell. but now i hear my ex is preg
Babygurl77823 Posted - 15 May 2009 7:53  Show Profile
Wow you still on her??
bossymandy Posted - 15 May 2009 14:6  Show Profile
baby you know it aint nothing like that im just expressin my self to my babymama chill out you know you wifey
Babygurl77823 Posted - 18 May 2009 7:34  Show Profile
Mmmk thats good<BR>:)
timmytinny Posted - 18 May 2009 8:27  Show Profile
awwwww baby i love you
Babygurl77823 Posted - 18 May 2009 8:40  Show Profile
I love you too. <BR>I was waiting for you to get on. <BR>I miss you!!!<BR>Your like 2 computers down..:(<BR>Love you!
timmytinny Posted - 18 May 2009 8:45  Show Profile
Babygurl77823 Posted - 18 May 2009 8:46  Show Profile
You like it though!<BR>:)
AyAnADeS Posted - 8 June 2009 13:57  Show Profile
hey chatham gurlz it's yanie from da aknd

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