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tiffanyeliscaPosted - 29 April 2009 0:41  Show Profile
This was my first time taking the GED exam...my results wer emailed to me. I don;t understand how to read it...theres a section of [current scores]. and another that says [Highest scores] Which secxtion am i looking at??

overall my total is 2320

my transcript says unsatisfactory..but it seems funny to me...anyone help me???

i keep going down tot he center...and i get nowhere..either they closed..or i go back in June for a retest..im very stressed out reading this junk!

NCGEDteacher Posted - 4 May 2009 15:10  Show Profile
Tiffany, if you've only taken the tests once, then your current score *is* your high score. If you retake a part and do better on it the second time, the higher score will be counted.</P><P>I don't know the requirements in your state, but many are like NC. Here, the requirement is in 2 parts: a total score of 2250 or higher (which is an average of 450 per part), and a minimum of 410 on each part. If you did well on 4 parts but scored less than 410 on 1, then you would need to re-take just that one part. If you still can't get in touch with anyone in your GED program, you may be likely to find someone helpful in the community college admissions office (in NC, they run the GED program).<BR>Hope that helps. Try not to stress too badly; it sounds like you're almost to your goal!</P><P>

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