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shellymPosted - 11 April 2009 18:21  Show Profile
love maths but the word problems are a killer any advise on how to solve this delima
CAT20 Posted - 28 April 2009 9:11  Show Profile
gurl i love math also but all u had 2 do is write everything dwn and read it slow u will get trust....
de93 Posted - 28 April 2009 9:16  Show Profile
Hi i see you like math,well i have a prob wit it its like when it comes dwn to a test i forget everything
tonyandmary06 Posted - 17 May 2009 16:56  Show Profile
I have a prob with just about everything when it comes to tests. But my biggest problems are with Math, Spelling and Social Studies. I really need help but have no clue where to go.
Valente16 Posted - 18 May 2009 13:37  Show Profile
Ill say as you reading the math reading problems go through there and turn them into a regular math problem
dainap Posted - 19 May 2009 12:35  Show Profile
I go take my GED on june 9th and 10 next month I have alot of problems in the applied math everything else I scored very high in but my math is still low I scored a 430 in math everything else I got way over 500's in like my reading a 580 anyone have any ideas on what I can do to prepare for the applied math part and allso im nervous bout the writing essay thingy im not good at writing things and puctutions.
Chinita210 Posted - 28 August 2009 21:33  Show Profile
I go take my GED test in about a month i been studin the math like crazy but i still dnt get it. Anybody kno where i can find a GED practice book?!? Really need one.
BabyGirl92 Posted - 20 September 2009 21:3  Show Profile
Iv never been good at math! So Taking this test and haveing to know so much math I think I will fail, just from not being able to pass the math portion!!<BR>Anyone know/understand math WILLING to help meh??
yOkass Posted - 29 September 2009 4:38  Show Profile
hi to all .. m not good at math at all coz i'v not been studying it for 2 yrs since 8th grade ... but i try my best to do it and now i just want hlep and some suggestion ...</P><P>can anyone tell me some more information where v can do more practice of math(free online) will be very thanxful..
blaksoul88 Posted - 1 February 2010 10:14  Show Profile
my scores for my official ged test are:<BR>S.S=490<BR>L.A reading=520<BR>L.A writing=480<BR>SC=550<BR>i have this math test that i have to take this month on the 19th so support will be appreciated

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