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hustlehardPosted - 27 March 2009 18:14  Show Profile
holla at yo man HUSTLEHARD
TINKLEBELL Posted - 30 March 2009 12:56  Show Profile
waz good ppl.me notin when u get out man anit talk 2 u n a min.they gVE ME MY SET Date yesterday mane its july7 im happy wen is urs
hustlehard Posted - 30 March 2009 17:25  Show Profile
i here u suwoop so wonder if i wanted to write u i no u not putn yo info so we gone have to figure sumthng out i might wanna c ah pic ture of u not rite now but in the future so we'll keep it simple for now until u redy to make that move
318yella Posted - 7 April 2009 11:2  Show Profile
Man they gave me 2 years but i'm getting out on April 9 AND I'm so DAMN glad but what ccan i say i'm a bad ass bitch
Merkyn Posted - 16 April 2009 13:2  Show Profile
You guy's dont diserve the education these people are offering you, you dont care, you just want to "Rep yo city" well then rep it in jail kids. I'm getting really tired of the pure ignorance that you guy's show on an EDUCATIONAL website. Go to www.dumbassgangbanger.com or something to post your crap. Sorry if some of the words i used for you are too big. Your wasting your teachers time.
bossymandy Posted - 16 April 2009 13:7  Show Profile
you really didnt need to say that because you too are on this site just cuz we happen to be in jails and are bored you could have said that in a better way and none of the words you used are too big for me you didnt use any big words and you used profanity which is the humans way of saying they do not have an expanded vocabulary .grow up and loosen up
Merkyn Posted - 16 April 2009 13:9  Show Profile
Hey, you made your choice to be in jail. Your in jail for bad decissions made on your part, i dont care if your bored. I've been in jail. I'm 28 years old and trying to fix what i screwed up. It's just a shame to see others make the same mistake.
Merkyn Posted - 17 April 2009 13:24  Show Profile
Anyways. On a happier note:</P><P>Congradulations everyone getting out, you guy's payed for what you did and now your getting rewarded, you earned it. Congradulations.

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