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animalpersonPosted - 19 March 2009 7:34  Show Profile
the ged tests is hard to pass except the reading if u need help all u have to do is study duh.
animalperson Posted - 9 April 2009 10:19  Show Profile
still dont know how to spell do you or talk right do you and your the one talking not me so leave me alone or me and you will meet face to face know it's your choice you can make it easy on your self or you can make it hard<BR>
Merkyn Posted - 16 April 2009 13:41  Show Profile
SUWOPPGAME your ignorant, people cant even read WTF your saying half the time. So STFU</P><P>Knowledge is free.</P><P>We are Anonymous.</P><P>We are Legion.</P><P>We do not forgive.</P><P>We do not forget.</P><P>Expect us.

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