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malignaggi1Posted - 16 March 2009 15:9  Show Profile
just take your own personal calculator and slide it in between your legs under the table then whenever you have a question on the section portion of the math where your not able to use a calculator you can sneak it and put it in your own personal calculator, just dont make it obvious and only do it on ones you really need help on!!!
ponygirl40 Posted - 24 March 2009 13:10  Show Profile
benjamin20 Posted - 26 March 2009 14:35  Show Profile
do they check you at all when you take any G.E.D tests
kitkat09 Posted - 27 March 2009 19:47  Show Profile
Good thinking, but what if you dont know what what your doing, then you still failed
AnotherSchmoe Posted - 4 June 2009 4:6  Show Profile
That's pathetic.
stephmccurley Posted - 8 July 2009 0:30  Show Profile
wow that rly is pathetic... and cheating. there is a reason they test you on all this stuff. And yes they do check you. You are not allowed to bring in a purse or anything so yeah think again...
mark456 Posted - 9 July 2009 0:20  Show Profile
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mazistarr Posted - 16 July 2009 18:0  Show Profile
what about those of us taking the exam with the millitary ?...not a good idea at all
yOkass Posted - 29 September 2009 4:25  Show Profile
THAT'S CHEATING MAN!!!!<BR>anyway althought they dont check on u before entering for exam but they always keep eye on u while doing exam</P><P>--
triggsx111 Posted - 3 November 2009 21:28  Show Profile
DANIELA2821 Posted - 31 December 2009 13:31  Show Profile
youll never knoe shit CHEATING!!!!!!!!

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