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mj2002Posted - 31 January 2003 5:40  Show Profile
hey guys,

just wanted to findout how to calcuate ones toefl score ,as this website gives it in percentile???,Or if you could kindly tell me what my score was,my percentile was 87,5
i would greatly appreciate your help

have a great day:)

javedahmadi Posted - 8 December 2005 6:18  Show Profile
Hi, <BR>Your TOEFL score with the mentioned percentile will probably be around 592. It is a good score. Keep up the good work.</P><P>Ahmad Javed
Shaikha2000 Posted - 19 December 2005 1:50  Show Profile
Hi all,</P><P>I got 61.82% :<BR>Please, can you tell what my TOEFL score ?</P><P>Thanks in advance :)
2tim22 Posted - 19 January 2006 9:21  Show Profile
please covert 83.64 percentile for me and give me the points
wickedlyfun Posted - 12 February 2006 7:9  Show Profile
hello guyz .. can u pleas help me to get high score i have tofl exam after tomorrw .. i want some help plz
yaori Posted - 27 February 2006 4:49  Show Profile
My online toefl score is 65.45% so how to define my normal score, I mean not in percentage??
Digs Posted - 21 October 2006 15:10  Show Profile
Hey, mine is 74.+something something. Can someone tell me the toefl score? Also, how can I convert from percentile to a normal toefl test score? What's the procedure?
willothewisp Posted - 18 September 2007 14:33  Show Profile
I scored 80 percent.Is it enough?<BR>

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