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USMC88Posted - 7 March 2009 4:24  Show Profile
I was wondering if anyone could direct me to any study material to reinforce my knowledge so I can get the best score I can on the ASVAB..

My goal is General Tech:105 and Mechanics: 95 so i can hopefully get a job slot for Fire Rescue....any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Also, are you allowed any paper to work on for the math portion or is it all supposed to be done in your head?


edubb21 Posted - 9 March 2009 13:29  Show Profile
Hi umm "ASVAB for dummies" is a really good study guide designed especially for the ASVAB it contains 4 practice tests, and goes through every section of the ASVAB it will help alot prepare for the ASVAB. And yes you are allowed a sheet of blank paper for the math portion. Just go to your local book store to find ASVAB for dummies I think it's around $15-$20 to purchase it. Good Luck
Smerf Posted - 12 March 2009 3:25  Show Profile
http://www.4tests.com/exams/examdetail.asp?eid=67 This is a free web site where you can take a Free ASVAB test and see what parts you are weak at

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