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edubb21Posted - 6 February 2009 13:31  Show Profile
Hi I'm trying to get into the Army ROTC program. I took an ASVAB a few weeks ago to see how I would do and I recieved an AFQT score of a 43. I need to get atleast a 50 to qualify. The part of the ASVAB I didn't really understand was the electic section, and the auto and shop section. My question is do these subjects contribute to my AFQT score? and what do I need to study to improve my AFQT score? any help would be greatly appreciated

Eric Wilbur

aiir2010 Posted - 3 February 2010 21:44  Show Profile
those sections dont matter..they only matter jobwise..lik if u wanted to be a pilot or sumthin..but the scores tht matter for the afqt are: AR-arithmetic reasoning, WK-word knowledge, MK-math knowledge and PC-paragraph comprehension..

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