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americansoldier18Posted - 5 February 2009 18:0  Show Profile
i got a 54.06% on the asvab practice test

is that good enough to pass the real one

please respond asap.

AirManJ Posted - 6 February 2009 12:18  Show Profile
Well was it on 4test.com or was it a different site?
americansoldier18 Posted - 9 February 2009 11:27  Show Profile
i think it was on march2success.com or here 4test.com</P><P>i think it was here on 4tests.com but im not sure</P><P>thanks for the reply
americansoldier18 Posted - 9 February 2009 13:1  Show Profile
AirmanJ</P><P>i took the test on this website 4test.com</P><P>am i able to pass the real one
KTM250f Posted - 10 February 2009 11:28  Show Profile
I scored an 80% on 4tests practice test.<BR>And got a 45 on the real asvab.<BR>Hope that helps.
AirManJ Posted - 10 February 2009 13:5  Show Profile
This site just gives you types of questions that will be on the test. If you do well on this site's test ,it doesn't necessarily mean you'll do well on the real thing, But at least you'll know what to expect. </P><P>I notice with the test on this sites test they didn't have &quot;Assembling Objects&quot; Which is kinda tough if you never saw it before. </P><P>When are you taking it? Are you taking it for the Army?</P><P>
americansoldier18 Posted - 10 February 2009 15:8  Show Profile
airmanj </P><P>yes im taking it for the army</P><P>idk when im taking it cuz i need to study badly<BR>
AirManJ Posted - 10 February 2009 15:12  Show Profile
Alright man ill email ya and give ya a few tips that i know and such...

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