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BHJ867Posted - 1 February 2009 15:19  Show Profile
I scored a 74 on the practice test online. How accurate is this test from the real thing? Are all the asvab tests different? Or Is this a standard test with the same questions.
atomxevil Posted - 2 February 2009 0:54  Show Profile
It's pretty accurate keep in mind though that there are variations on the asvab, to help reduce cheating, and improper MOS placement
derrick24 Posted - 23 June 2009 20:43  Show Profile
I had talk to a this guy who had took the ASVAB at meps and he said that the question on the test at mep is the same question on the website call military.com they have 3 short tests and 3 long tests check it out...
Swinder Posted - 20 September 2009 0:7  Show Profile
If anyone believes they would ever use the same test over and over or put that test out online you are not bright enough to ever hold a weapon. The practice tests are designed to be similar in format and content. They are not mean for you literally practice the very test you will take.
christy13 Posted - 21 September 2009 8:49  Show Profile
They can be different, but from what I have seen and done the only ones that are different are the prctices.
thesimpledays Posted - 6 November 2009 8:14  Show Profile
Thats lovely swinder. Although i don't agree with his blunt approach, he has a point. By formatting is simularly it builds your confidence when you do the real deal. Which can be as important as weeks of study. My advice is to isolate each topic, study your butts off, and don't hold back any punches when you're sitting in the testing seat. Hit it with everything you've got. I know i will.
AnilKiti Posted - 5 November 2013 22:4  Show Profile
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