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RichGEDPosted - 23 January 2009 0:17  Show Profile
I Have more than a basic understanding of everything except math, I cant stand it. But from what i've heard, It's extremely hard. Should I be listening to them ? If not, Please tell me your experience. (Wether it was easy or intermediate or hard.) Thanks for your time.
Rayne84 Posted - 24 January 2009 12:7  Show Profile
I have taken the Pre-GED test. Even though it is half the length of the actual test, it was fairly easy. If the actual test is anything like the pre-GEd test, I wouldn't listen to everyone that has told you that it is really hard.
Bbaba123 Posted - 26 January 2009 17:38  Show Profile
Well some people say its hard some say its easy.I think it depends on what you know and how far you made it in high school.If you didn't make it far and struggled then it might be hard and vice versa.Its probably a good idea to take GED classes and the pre test if you have any doubt. Goodluck!!!

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