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SoonToBeNavyGirl09Posted - 22 January 2009 7:54  Show Profile
I've always wanted to join the Navy. I had the recruiter come to my house and everything spoke about everything. Took the practice test and what not. The major part that I need to work on is the math portion. I hate math with a passion but right now I need it to get what I want. So if theres anyone that can help please help and reply. I will greatly appreciate it. Thank You.
atomxevil Posted - 2 February 2009 0:57  Show Profile
Any spot in particular you are having the most trouble with?
SoonToBeNavyGirl09 Posted - 2 February 2009 9:18  Show Profile
Thanks for responding.<BR> I'm having trouble with the math section. Math has always been my weakiest subject.
atomxevil Posted - 2 February 2009 15:21  Show Profile
Well I know there is another post on here about a former sailor who was good with math, the only thing I'm any good at is elementary algebra
andrea900 Posted - 9 February 2009 20:21  Show Profile
ive always wanted to join the army but i suck at math what should i do?
SoonToBeNavyGirl09 Posted - 9 February 2009 21:9  Show Profile
I'm not to good at math as well. But Its not really difficult math. It all depends on what you want your job to be while your in there.
KTM250f Posted - 10 February 2009 11:26  Show Profile
Pick up this book: Barron's Pass Key To The ASVAB.<BR>I'm as well having trouble, I scored a 45 and need a 50 on the asvab to get in.<BR>And I scored an 80% on 4test's practice test.<BR>Its fast and explains everything straight and to the point. <BR> Good luck
SoonToBeNavyGirl09 Posted - 10 February 2009 12:4  Show Profile
thank you. i will pick that up.

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