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KTM250fPosted - 16 January 2009 10:28  Show Profile
Here is my line scores:
GT:103 GM:110 EL:109 CL:102 MM:117 SC:107 CO:106 FA:106 OF:110 ST:104

And AFQT:45

I really want a min. of 50 on my afqt how hard would it be to bring my score up 5 points?


KTM250f Posted - 16 January 2009 11:3  Show Profile
Oh, I'm going for army.
atomxevil Posted - 2 February 2009 1:0  Show Profile
this should answer your questions and bringing up your score is just a matter of studying.<BR>http://www.army.com/enlist/line_score.html
davidras Posted - 23 February 2009 17:25  Show Profile
www.army.com/enlist/asvab_score.html folow this site it will show how to figure your lines scores there is also a link on this page to show you the jobs and what line score you need to get that job

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