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kimberlya2Posted - 4 January 2003 21:14  Show Profile
im about to take the ged i realy would like some help studin
playgirl6903 Posted - 15 January 2003 9:19  Show Profile
me to<BR>
ashleightx28 Posted - 17 January 2003 6:10  Show Profile
Me too can anyone help me
kimberlya2 Posted - 17 January 2003 17:13  Show Profile
hi if anyone want to get to gether oline and help study together pls writ back to me my email is kimberlya2@hotmail.com
marilynsqn Posted - 19 February 2003 10:16  Show Profile
hey im taking a class to help me with my ged and im interested in studying online with anyone
jennjoe Posted - 21 February 2003 11:15  Show Profile
i am getting ready to take my ged and i cant figure out the formulas
shadow352 Posted - 7 April 2003 19:9  Show Profile
does anyone understand &quot;slope of a line&quot; in math?
gescheiter Posted - 8 May 2003 1:13  Show Profile
what grade are you all in? I mean, anyone with a 9th grade education could pass the GED with flying colors.</P><P>in a line, standard form is slope-intercept form:</P><P>y=mx+b</P><P>Y, is the y corrdinate, or the coordinate corresponding to the line going up and down.<BR>X, is the x coordinate, corresponding to points going to the left and right.<BR>M, is the slope, which is ALWAYS a form of a fraction (if the slope is 2, convert it to 2/1, etc.)<BR>B, is the Y coordinate for when X=0.</P><P>For example, y=4x-6.</P><P>y, is the variable that represents any Y coordinate (you can''t just put any y and x coordinate in for Y and X, lines only go through certain points)</P><P>M, is, in this case, 4. Which is the slope. First convert this to 4/1. What this means is that from the point (0,-6), the line will go UP by four on the Y-axis and RIGHT by 1 on the X-axis. That means that the next point from (0,-6) is (0+1, -6+4), which equals (1, -2).</P><P>I hope that helps.
lildevil862007 Posted - 20 September 2005 14:22  Show Profile
they is there anyone that can help me on passing the GED? you know any tips... i would really appreciate it...<BR>thanks,<BR>kayla
2pretty Posted - 10 January 2007 10:18  Show Profile
i am about to take my ged so if u need help call me 662-289-3707
rokzerock Posted - 17 February 2007 22:36  Show Profile
Rokze_rock@yahoo.com<BR> Hey, most everyone on this board seems to be taking or considering GED..........I'm not sure about this...I would like to get out of hs and work a lil while to go the communtiy college..but I don't want to misso out on learning...our hs is like teacher to student ratio 1:26 or 1:about 30 plus the jr hi has gun threats...gangs are everywhere...and peers are like total idots only caring about rank status money drugs sex ect al lthat bull crap........is this a good reason? Would I regret getting a GED.... or would it be better to earn hs diploma online?<BR>or get GED then do hs courses online?

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