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VeneficusPosted - 14 January 2009 13:47  Show Profile
I scored a 37 on my practice asvab test. The recuriter said that i needed a 50 to pass the actual asvab test, because i don't have my g.e.d. or anything. I was wondering if this was true?
Also I have been studing like Mad Crazy and it seems the more i study the more i don't understand, any suggestions???
bonebadmatt Posted - 14 January 2009 17:56  Show Profile
I dont think U.S. military will let you in if they see you don't try to evolve yourself. No education looks like grunt work for you. Although, to pass, you have to score 50% or higher. the higher you go, the more and better jobs you open to choose from. almost any job in the military at your choice. Ask a true friend to help you out with studying or whatever subject you lack in ask everybody. Someone will know the answer eventually. Im in the same boat your in. I can't pass the practice and im scared to take the Real and permenant test. I score 35% on practice. need 50%. I hate test, but it happens. Evolve yourself.
Anthony890 Posted - 14 March 2009 0:27  Show Profile
the best way to study without any1 help is to goto ur local bookamillion or barnes and noble and pick up a asvab study guide is very helpful with every subject its made 4 u to be able to teach yourself it really helped me out!!!!if ur serious about the military u shud get 1. i guarentee you it will help!!!!

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