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Brandilynn87Posted - 6 January 2009 14:8  Show Profile
I have to score a 50 to join the Navy. I took the Asvab one time before and I scored a 40. I really need help with Math, but I'm really good at English. I live in Columbia so if theres anyone that can help me please let me know :)
NAVY101 Posted - 15 January 2009 20:15  Show Profile
I'm good in math knowledge, reading comprehension, and i'm struggling with the arithematic, but i need help in vocabulary. Can u help me out.
Brandilynn87 Posted - 16 January 2009 9:35  Show Profile
Hi, yes I can help you with that :) Do you live in Columbia or near there?
jgreenwood742 Posted - 23 April 2009 22:4  Show Profile
Hi! I am a local college math instructor and I do some private tutoring as well. I have taught Math in Baltimore County for 5 years and now teach full-time at a local community college. If you are interested, I charge $60/hour and would be happy to help you. I think I can give you some test taking strategies to assist you on your exam. Feel free to call me if you have any questions.</P><P>Fondly,<BR>Jen<BR>443-956-0877

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