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Brandilynn87Posted - 6 January 2009 14:6  Show Profile
I really need help with Math if anyone knows what in the world I can do, I'm short on money so I don't know what to do. I have to score a 50 to join the navy and I took the Asvab 1 time before and scored a 40. BUT now it just seems like it's going to be so much harder this time around because I have to score 10 points higher. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP :( I want to join the Navy more than anything
Smiley421 Posted - 12 February 2009 22:24  Show Profile
I'm in the same boat honey but, I found these website called March2success.com O my lord it is the best thing I have ever came across. I'm doing soooooo much better it is great, I'm understanding the math 100% more then ever before. I go take my test soon for the Navy and I have to score a 50 too. At first I didn't believe but, I had to remeber who I was and that these is what I wanted so bad. You can do it nobody can do it for you just BELEIVE IN YOURSELF.....take care.
mater69 Posted - 12 March 2009 14:3  Show Profile
i need help on my asvab tests for the army.what should i do.i keep on bombing it.the highest score i got was a 22.i need a 50 or higher to get in to the army.i really want to go.i need help with the math part.i just took my test today and i got an 11 on it.im struggling bad.someone please help me.

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