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joshlyn18femalePosted - 4 December 2008 16:3  Show Profile
yo anyone that is in samarkand still in here and can someone give me some heads up on the math and ss test
THUGGEMS Posted - 8 December 2008 10:40  Show Profile
well im not in samarkand anymore... but i did get my GED.... and the math test isnt hard... actually the pretest is harder than the regualar test.... and all you have to really do is make sure your a pro at the algebra, be good at word problems... make sure you know all about the graphs... and be good with percents and shit like that.
THUGGEMS Posted - 8 December 2008 10:43  Show Profile
the social studies test isnt that hard either.... social studies is my bad subject like in public school i always had like 40 and below averages.... but the test was kind of easy.... i got like a 470 on the real test... that isnt that high but hey i passed..... this is carissa by the way. i went home the 5th... i wish people from tufts would get on here... i have to send some messages to some people... but back to the test.... there isnt anything specific that you should study for social studies... just make sure you are good with the wars and shit like that... read the question carfully and the information provided... then just answer the question... read the info VERY carefully because all the answers are in the info whether you think they are or not... some articles i had to read like 3 or 4 times before i could get the answer..

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