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cryptic13Posted - 3 December 2008 14:29  Show Profile
Hey all,

I was about ready to start preparing for the Macroeconomics CLEP exam but at the last minute I found out I don't need to take it after all. I just bought a study guide for it from passyourclass.com, but now it's useless! If anyone wants to buy it from me, let me know. It comes with flashcards too.

cryptic13 Posted - 3 December 2008 14:30  Show Profile
Sorry, I meant Principles of Macroeconomics
Brucey6047 Posted - 5 March 2009 9:35  Show Profile
How much is the book?
cryptic13 Posted - 5 March 2009 16:52  Show Profile
It's a PDF file
dlinzy Posted - 1 June 2009 18:10  Show Profile
I"m interested, how much?
frdsmth9 Posted - 10 June 2009 1:44  Show Profile
I am studying the clep micro flashcards and i wanted to know if the instantcert alone is sufficient; if you study the material enough to understand it. I haven't seen many posts on this test, so i thought i would ask. Thanks.</P><P><BR>[url=http://www.speedyprep.com]clep test[/url]

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