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AngelDust69Posted - 13 November 2008 13:37  Show Profile
Just about three days ago I got my G.E.D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It scored highest with Writing, which really surprised me because math was my worse subject but now thats all over. Is there anybody who passed their G.E.D??
FirefighterAJ Posted - 22 November 2008 15:40  Show Profile
I will be taking my GED test next month. I'm scared im gonna fail it but i dropped out of school and a GED is my only hope. Was it easy when you took it? </P><P>CONGRATS...................
AngelDust69 Posted - 23 November 2008 22:58  Show Profile
well i guess it was. i worked really hard to get all my tests done. you just got to find your hard subjects and work very hard on them. mind was math. and thanks. if you have anymore questions just ask me.
brittanyknoll Posted - 24 November 2008 8:9  Show Profile
is the actual test harder than the practice one on here?
AngelDust69 Posted - 25 November 2008 11:30  Show Profile
actually the tests on here are very hard. i couldn't even finish the math pretest on here because it was soo hard. but when i went to go take real math test it was very easy.
Chadj1 Posted - 29 November 2008 20:53  Show Profile
That's what I hate is math. I took it about 10 years ago passed all sections but failed the essay. I never went back to take the essay. Stupid me now I got to take the whole thing over now that it's been so long. I'm taken it this coming up week. Wish me luck
AngelDust69 Posted - 1 December 2008 16:38  Show Profile
I really hope you pass, but look at it this way...at least your one of those ppl who is taking it again and don't give up. You WILL get it!:) God Bless! Tell me how it goes. And if you would like to email me instead my email is :funny.url@hotmail.com, or</P><P> myspace/cherrygreen
rafaelmb45 Posted - 5 December 2008 10:50  Show Profile
hey im about two take my ged soon so like is there anytip anyone can give me for it could really be helpful
Chadj1 Posted - 8 December 2008 21:26  Show Profile
Thanks :) </P><P>Well I took it again I believe I did good, time will tell. I will let you know once I get my results. Hopefully soon lol
thebodyguard Posted - 9 December 2008 2:12  Show Profile
it has been 25 years since school and now i need to take ged for job <BR>any suggestions <BR>things changed alot since then <BR>thanks
uniqueypierre Posted - 9 December 2008 16:24  Show Profile
does anybody know how I can study for the test?<BR>
AngelDust69 Posted - 11 December 2008 16:31  Show Profile
for all who are asking for tips. The thing is to study really hard on the subjects you don't know very good! !
AngelDust69 Posted - 11 December 2008 16:32  Show Profile
hey chadj1. make sure you tell me if you PASS! I hope you do!
AngelDust69 Posted - 11 December 2008 16:36  Show Profile
hey 'thebodyguard&quot;, don't lose hope just because its been alot of years since you taken it. Because if I can do it, so can-you. I also grew up with a learning disabilite and I didn't let that get in the way. Don't let anything get in the way. </P><P>Need advice anybody just message me. Im here for you.
Bbaba123 Posted - 12 December 2008 16:5  Show Profile
Hey Angeldust' How long did it take you to get the results back? I took the test Tue's and Wed's and the instructor was saying that its going to take 8 weeks for the results to come in.
Chadj1 Posted - 23 December 2008 13:20  Show Profile
Hey Angeldust I did pass just got my results. :))
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